About Me

I took my first lampworking class in December 2003 after admiring the beautiful handmade beads on eBay and at a local bead show. It has been an adventure. The most important rewards have been the unexpected sensation of others admiring my work, and making new friends all over the world.

In 2008 I had a wrist injury and came down with Fibromyalgia that spread into my hands. I had just started doing bead shows around the mid-west. I was enjoying it thoroughly, and starting to make a name for myself. I had almost finished a wire jewelry basics book and was starting to look at publishing. I had started teaching classes at a local craft store and selling my beads that way. Eventually, it became obvious that I couldn't depend on my body to prepare for shows and and teach classes, so I dropped off the radar in November of 2010.

Now it's August 2011 and I'm thinking selling off all of my jewelry supplies and slowly easing back into glass beads only, particularly borosilicate. Wish me luck!