My Studio

Here is a picture of my basement studio. I'll take you on a tour from left to right. My kilns are on the big grey cart. The one I use most sits on top. It is called a "Bluebird Bead Annealer." I use it to, well, anneal the beads after I  have created them in the flame. Annealing is generally thought of as stabilizing the molecules in the glass so it will be more stable. However, with some borosilicate glass, more time in high heat enables "crystals" to grow around the molecules and intensify the colors.

Next, you can see that I organize and store my glass rods in custom-made clear, acrylic containers. Since this picture was taken I have added storage for my boro rods using cut white fence post railing.
The big metal "box" on the counter is my ventilation system. You can see a fan at the top for sucking out contaminated air and a very large hose at the bottom for supplying fresh intake air.

My torch sits just inside the metal box, clamped to the counter. The green hose goes to the grey oxygen concentrator. Since the picture I have purchased two more powerful concentrators for working with borosilicate glass which has a higher melting point. There is a red hose that runs from the torch to a plumbed household gas line. Here's a picture of my torch. It's one of the smaller torches (a GTT Bobcat) but it does a great job.

To the right of the metal box is a lazy-susan filled with all kinds of tools for every kind purpose you can imagine.

The counter tops and cabinetry goes all the way around the room in a U-shape and the walls are made of peg-board, which is great for hooks so I have plenty of storage for books, tools, frit, and anything else I need.